Outcomes and Benefits

  • significantly improve your customers experience during these highly stressful events

  • reduce costs for the insurer and reinsurer

  • provide a scalable solution that allows insurers to prioritise their resources on critical claims such as home damage and maintain focus on conventional claims management

  • improve the engagement between the parties across the whole service ecosystem

Insurance Carrier Advantages

~40% reduction in total claims cost

~150% to 200% increase in PDR repairs

~15 - 30 days reduction in cycle times

+10pts - 20pts increase in NPS for end to end claims

~30%to 50% reduction in claims handling expenses


Visibility of customer satisfaction at every claims touch point

Customer Benefits

Vehicle back on the road quickly

Reduction in travel time due to no multiple assessments

Quick and easy lodgement process

Easy to contact and receive claim updates

Automatic update of claim

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