End-to-end enterprise platform for catastrophic hail claims

Launching into the US market in 2019, our solution has been developed by a consortium of insurance claims experts with North American and global experience, led by The Bridge International, CatNet and The 300Advantage.

Major and even small hail catastrophes create a number of key challenges for insurers, including:
- service deterioration -
- reduced customer retention -
- brand & reputational damage -
- cost blow outs -
- long claims cycles -
- reduced employee and supply chain engagement -
- increase in temporary staff requirements -

Catastrophic Hail Claims Management 



SOLUTION: The Claims Bridge

With a combined claims experience of over 200 years, The Claims Bridge understand these challenges and have developed an industry solution to tackle these pain points directly.
The Claims Bridge team has partnered with the best in breed technology providers to develop a next generation claims platform, enabled by digital, designed specifically to support Insurers during major events.  
It is a customer first turn-key service that can standalone or plug into your own claims division and operating model, bridging any gap in your hail event claims management response and capability.
It has the ability to scale rapidly depending on your specific requirements and take the pressure off your business-as-usual operations. 
5 Core Capabilities


Dedicated insurer branded digital and telephone solution


Digital triage and estimate


Through digital & local authorised assessors


Facilitate repairs


Settle claim within guidelines of your insurance product

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