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Case Study: Australia


The team first came together when implementing this solution in the Australian market for the largest personal lines insurer, handling one of the largest hails events to ever hit a regional center.


The Brief: Challenges of Hail Claims 


The Claims Bridge solution was designed to address several potential challenges facing the insurer, when these catastrophic hail events occur in Australia:


  • Scaling rapidly to cope with the volume of claims and keeping on top of claims-handling costs

  • Ensuring the normal claims experience and operation is not impacted by these unpredictable events

  • Utilizing scarce resources to focus on critical claims that need more manual intervention, such as house damage

  • Maximizing the use of PDR to minimize costs and maximize the speed of repairs.


The Solution


With a combined claims experience of more than 200 years, The Claims Bridge understood these challenges and developed an industry solution to tackle these pain points directly. 




Insurance Carrier Outcomes


~40% reduction in total claims cost

~150% to 200% increase in PDR repairs

~15-30-day reduction in cycle times

+10 pts - 20 pts increase in NPS for end-to-end claims

~30% to 50% reduction in claims handling expenses

 Visibility of customer satisfaction at every claims touch point


Key Customer Outcomes


  • Vehicle back on the road quickly

  • Reduction in travel time due to no multiple assessments

  • Quick and easy lodgment process

  • Easy to contact and receive claim updates

  • Automatic update of claims

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