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There are four core benefits of EziClaims Suite

Significant total claims cost savings

Improved customer experience


Rapid deployment

Contact-free solution.

Total Claims

Cost Saving

EziClaims Suite can deliver up to 40% savings in total claims costs for the insurer, which is driven by:

1. Customer-generated vehicle damage information


An onsite assessment of the damage to the vehicle is not required as the customer photographs and  documents the hail damage to the vehicle. Desktop approval of the estimate can be done remotely. This enables the insurer to prioritise their assessor resources to the most critical cases, such as total loss.


2. Optimized triage (scope)


EziTriage maximises the repairs undertaken by paintless dent repair and minimises vehicles being allocated to the wrong lane. 


3. Insurer/Customer touch points reduced by 50%


EZiNotify allows the customer to control the scheduling of the car, without any further involvement from the insurer. The customer is notified when the vehicle is ready to be picked up. Where this technology has been implemented, insurers have experienced  the number of touch points with the customer reduced by at least 50%.


4. Minimises total loss and hire car costs


Total loss is minimised as the vehicles  are quickly identified, so they can be prioritised for assessment and do not slow down other repairs. By speeding up the process, hire car costs can also be reduced.

Improved Customer Experience

Claims are the moment of truth for the customer. EziClaims Suite can improve the customer experience by:


1. Digitizing the hail claim estimation and repair process 


Increasingly, customers are expecting to engage with their insurance company, track their claims progress and schedule a repair all online. They also expect to be able to change their booking online without having to contact the insurer’s service center.


2. Fast-track


Moving the process to digital and online speeds up the entire process. The customer does not need to contact the service center after the First Notice Of Loss (FNOL). The software also maximizes the use of PDR, which is the fastest way for the customer's vehicle to be repaired.


Turnkey Solution for Rapid Deployment

EziClaims Suite can be implemented quickly and easily, without the capital costs and resource requirements on an in-house build.


1. Turnkey 


No integration is required, just a simple data file transfer.


2. White Label 


The platform is white labelled, so this digital service can be branded by the insurer.


3. Immediate access to a national network of PDR/repairers.


As part of the solution, TCBI has a national network of PDR and repair shops that are integrated into the EziClaims Suite platform.


TCBI provides a scalable solution that can cope with any hail event. It allows insurers to prioritize their own resources on critical claims such as home damage or total loss vehicles.

Digital and


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, customer expectations have increased around digital and contactless service solutions.

EziClaims Suite can be rapidly deployed to deliver this technology driven service.

Benefits for your Customers and  your brand

In addition to these functional benefits for the insured, there are other 'emtional' end customer benefits. They include the end customer feeling....


  • in control of the process due to the ability to capture the information about the vehicle damage, book a repair shop, and change it if necessary.

  • that the process is transparent as a result of a notification system that keeps them updated on the progress.

  • that their insurance company is modern and progressive, and can provide a range of digital services.

  • that they have an insurance company that cares about them and is fast-tracking their repair, so the time without their own vehicle is minimized.

Customer Benefits

Benefits for the Insurer

Customer Experience icon.png

Improved Customer Experience

The  customer experience is improved by digitizing and speeding up the process. Customer-Insurer touch points can be reduced by 50%.

Total Claims

Cost Savings

Savings of up to 40% can be achieved, depending on the level of deployment and the nature of the CAT hail event.


Turnkey Solution for Rapid Deployment

Turnkey, cloud-based system that does not require integration and works alongside the insurers' claims operation and systems.

Digital and


The solution minimizes the amount of contact between customers, assessors, insurers and repairers.

EziClaims Suite Pricing

Complimentary enterprise subscription for launch insurer in U.S.


With the experience of the team and results seen in Australia, TCBI is confident in the cost savings and customer benefits that this platform will deliver to an Insurer. As a result, the enterprise subscription to EziClaims Suite is being offered to insurers free of charge. This is based on the insurer committing to an allocation of repairs through the TCBI national PDR/repair shop network.


The performance of this allocation of repairs can then be compared with other repair networks.


This complimentary subscription includes the cost of customization, configuration and setup of the data transfer.


Reporting and Analytics


As part of the service, TCBI will provide comprehensive reporting on the performance of the

EziClaims Suite and repair network, with an estimate of the commercial and customer benefits.


Assessment of Benefits


This will enable the insurer to assess the benefits of the technology and TCBI national PDR/repair shop network during the 2021 hail season, with the opportunity to continue with the platform or upgrade to EziClaims Suite Plus for the 2022 hail season.

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