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Implementation of Ezi Claims Suite

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TCBI PDR / Repair Shop Network

TCBI's national repair network is integrated into EziClaims Suite, so that damaged vehicles can be triaged to the optimal repair lane, whether this is paintless dent repair (PDF), conventional repair, combo (PDR and conventional) or the car is deemed to be a total loss.


This triage functionality is configured to adopt the repair rules of the insurer.


The key features of this repair network include:


  • 90% rural coverage in the hail belt (remaining 10% can be serviced through non-affiliated partners)

  • Third-party Quality Assurance verification

  • Aggregated network performance dashboard

  • Automated repair status updates

  • Access to over 2,000 certified repair technicians and over 1,300 body shops

  • Network of Claims Bridge employees on the ground to ensure delivery

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