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Ezi Claims Suite is a cloud-based, software as a service (SaaS) solution that has been designed to work alongside the insurers' hail claims management operations and systems.

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TCBI sends the customer an email or text with a link to access the EziEstimate section straight to their mobile phone. They do not need to download an App. The online portal is available via the mobile phones browser and is enabled for cell, tablet and desktop.

In less than five minutes, the customer can take photos on his or her mobile and complete some basic questions about the damage of the car. The user interface has been designed to make this a super simple, quick and intuitive process for the customer.

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The platform then has a smart triage capability that works out the most effective and efficient way to repair the car. An algorithm has been developed to allocate the optimal repair lane, whether this a paintless dent repair (PDF), conventional repair, combo repair (PDR and conventional) or the vehicle is identified as a total loss. 


EziTriage is also configured to the specific repair rules of the insurer.

The platform then informs the assessor of the Provisional Estimate (PE) for repairs, including the recommended triaged repair lane. The Assessor can review and confirm the estimate from the desktop or cell, without requiring an onsite inspection.

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The customer is notified by email and/or text message that a Provisional Estimate (PE) has been completed and then notified when this has been approved by the insurer. 

They are then provided with a list and the location of their local TCBI repair shops. The customer can choose and schedule a repairer online, without having to contact the Insurer or repairer direct. Once the vehicle has been delivered, the customer can track the progress of the repairs through the online portal or by selecting text/email message alerts. They are notified when the vehicle is ready for pick up.

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The platform can request feedback from the customer on the claims experience, through a simple online survey. This gives the insurer valuable, real-time insights on customer satisfaction or any issues they may have had with the experience. 

EziSurvey could include a question asking customers if they would recommend this service to a friend, the basis to creating a Net Promotor Score (NPS) for their claims experience.

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EziClaims Suite PLUS is a full end-to-end CAT hail event claims solution. This includes some additional applications and services:

  • Pre-warning of hail events

  • Omni Channel FNOL service

  • Desktop Assessment

  • Survey Plus. Customer NPS at the moments that matter on their claims journey

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Deployment of EziClaims Suite

EziClaims Suite works alongside the insurers' claims operations, workflow and systems. It does not require integration, but the transfer of a simple data file, such as CVS, with the customer’s Claim ID, name, address, email and phone number. 

Data Security


EziClaims Suite is fully compliant with the U.S. data protection and privacy protocols, which ensures there is no risk of a customer data breach. The platform can be deployed with as little as the Customer ID and VIN number.

Customization and Configuration


EziClaims Suite can be customized for the insurer. This includes the branding of the online portal, so the service is presented by the insurer. 


EziTriage can be configured with the insurers' repair shop rules, such as the parameters for total loss.


Further customization is possible as part of the TCBI co-design process that is part of the implementation. 

Insurers access to EziClaims Suite


Full access to EziClaims Suite can be given to the insurer FNOL and other contact center staff, via any web browser.

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