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EziClaims Suite. A turnkey, cloud-based solution for assisting Insurers in managing catastrophic (CAT) hail claims estimation, triage and repairs.


The Claims Bridge International (TCBI) has developed an auto hail claims suite of digital applications and solutions that provide insurers with a rapid, complete solution to digitize their vehicle hail damage estimation, triage and repair process. 


The technology platform is called EziClaims Suite and works alongside the insurers’ existing claims operation and systems.


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Bringing AI & New Technology to the

Claims and Vehicle Repair Processes


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Hail Damage Estimation and Smart Triage


Once insureds complete the First Notice of Loss (FNOL) process, EziClaims Suite enables them to photograph and document the damage to the vehicle(s) on their mobile phone, via a web-enabled online application. 


The software then uses this data to provide an immediate, preliminary estimate (PE). The smart triage technology recommends the most efficient and effective way to repair the car.

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Customer Online Scheduling and Tracking of Repair


Once the estimate is approved, the EziClaims Suite online portal allows customers to book their vehicles into the TCBI national paintless dent repair (PDR)/repair shop network and track the progress of the repair. 

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Watch this short video and learn how to improve your vehicle hail damage estimation and repair process.

National PDR / Repair Network

TCBI's PDR/repair shop network is national and integrated into EziClaims Suite, so that the smart triage application can allocate the damaged vehicle to the optimal repair lane, whether this is paintless dent repair (PDF), conventional repair, combo (PDR and conventional) or the vehicle is identified to be a total loss. 

EziClaims Suite has been successfully implemented in Australia and is now available for the North American market. 

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Benefits for the Insurer

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Improved Customer Experience

The customer experience is improved by digitizing and speeding up the process. Insurer-customer touch points can be reduced by 50%.

Total Claims

Cost Savings

Savings of up to 40% can be achieved, depending on the level of deployment and the nature of the CAT hail event.


Turnkey Solution for Rapid Deployment

Turnkey, cloud-based system that does not require integration and works alongside the insurers' claims operation and systems.

Digital and


The solution minimizes the amount of contact among customers, assessors, insurers and repairers.

Case Study and Testimonial

The solution was initially designed for, and successfully implemented, in Australia. Since many areas in the U.S. also suffer from catastrophic hail events, the TCBI felt insurers and their customers in North America would greatly benefit from the technology platform.

"I was tasked with the responsibility to develop and implement a more efficient and consistent hailstorm model for estimating and processing hail-damaged motor vehicles, particularly for high-volume storm events. In the first storm, using this digital solution and methodology, not only were we able to process a high volume of claims with minimal extra resources, but the consistency and accuracy of the quotations was taken to a whole new level.


We continued to experience huge claim cost savings and since there were fewer resources to service a storm event, there was less impact on our normal claims operations."


– Rob West, Former VP Business Development for Australia’s largest insurer

The Claims Bridge Team

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The Claims Bridge International is led by an experienced team of U.S. and international insurance, reinsurance, digital technology claims and vehicle repair executives. 

The team joined forces to “reimagine” catastrophic (CAT) auto hail claims and find a better outcomes for these insurers firstly, but 

also their Reinsurers, Brokers and Customers”.


The combination of the team’s varied capabilities and industry experience has delivered a best practice partner with a CAT auto hail claims solution for insurers.


Thanks for your interest in our solution. The Claims Bridge will get back to you quickly.

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