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The Claims Bridge International Launches Cloud-Based Product

The Claims Bridge International (TCBI) announces the U.S. launch of its cloud-based technology—EziClaims Suite—to assist insurers and their partners deliver contactless hail claims for customers. As part of the launch, TCBI is offering U.S. insurers an enterprise subscription free of charge in 2021, so they can evaluate the benefits of the technology.

“Initially developed for the Australian market, EziClaims Suite enables insureds to easily capture the hail damage to their vehicles on their mobile device, and then engages them to choose, schedule or reschedule an appointment with a repair shop,” said David McDonald, TCBI President International. “Since many areas in the U.S. also suffer from catastrophic hail events, we felt insurers and their customers in North America would greatly benefit from the technology platform.”

TCBI is led by an experienced team of U.S. and international insurance, claims and repair executives. McDonald said the multinational group joined forces to “reimagine” catastrophic auto hail claims and find a better way of handling these events.

“With EziClaims Suite, insureds can photograph and document the damage to their vehicle on a mobile device in less than five minutes,” said Bill Park, TCBI President Americas. “They receive a simple link to a mobile-enabled website without having to download an app.”

Jerry Volquardsen, TCBI SVP Operation and Customer Experience, led the development of the software, which he said was designed to work alongside the insurers’ existing claims operations and systems.

“From the data provided by the insured, the software immediately calculates a provisional estimate of the cost of repairs,” said Volquardsen. “Then, the smart triage application recommends the most efficient and effective way to repair the vehicle or identify it as a total loss.”

Once approved, the insured can then book the vehicle into TCBI’s national network of repair shops, which are all integrated into the platform. This includes a significant network of paintless dent repair (PDR) facilities, which Volquardsen said is the fastest and lowest-cost way of repairing hail damage. The platform also allows insurers and their customers the ability to track the progress of their repairs and provide feedback on their experience from their cell phone.

“Using this technology in Australia for a number of years, we found that it not only improved the customer experience, but it also reduced the claims handling and repair costs for the insurer by up to 40%, depending on the nature of the hail event,” said Rob West, head of business development for Australia’s largest insurer. “With the current challenges of COVID-19, this digital, contactless solution is required now more than ever.”

Key Benefits and Features of EziClaims Suite:

● Significantly reduces insurers’ total claims costs

● Improves the customer experience

● Can be rapidly deployed as no systems integration is required

● Minimizes face-to-face interactions, providing contactless claims services

● Fully compliant with U.S. data protection and privacy protocols

● The platform can be branded by the insurer

Park said that some tier one insurers have launched their own digital hail claims management systems, built in-house. “This white-labeled solution allows other insurers to offer a fast-track digital service without having to find the capital or allocate internal resources,” he added.

“This is a turnkey solution that requires no integration; just a simple, secure file transfer,” explained Volquardsen. “EziClaims Suite works alongside and complements the insurers’ existing claims operations and systems and can therefore be deployed quickly and cost- effectively. It’s as Ezi as that!”

For further information about The Claims Bridge International and EziClaims Suite, visit To request a free subscription, contact Stacey Phillips or 858-401-2692.

Watch the following video to learn more about EziClaims Suite:

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